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(888) 318-2794

What to expect at your first appointment

Your first visit will begin with a conversation so we can address your concerns and discuss your medical history. Then our hearing care professionals will inspect your ears, assess your hearing and check for ear wax. We will also look for damage to your eardrums, signs of infection or other abnormalities. The entire appointment usually takes less than an hour and you’ll leave knowing what’s going on with your hearing and the solutions that will work best for you. Schedule your risk-free, no-obligation appointment today.

Professional assessment

Our hearing care professional will provide a thorough assessment of your hearing to identify areas of weakness. This session is painless – and doesn’t hurt your wallet either, as it is free.

Open discussion

Once we have taken a peek at your ears, we can discuss what we learned. You will have ample time to get answers to your questions, and we will discuss your lifestyle, concerns and goals.

Hearing solutions

If needed, we will discuss the various types of hearing aids and what suits your needs. You can try on samples and look at our styles. Keep in mind, most devices are tailor-made for you.

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Oticon Opn™

Hearing loss is unique to each individual, so the Oticon Opn is fully customizable and virtually invisible. Our hearing aids feature the latest technology:

  • High-speed wireless technology connects your two Opns so that they work together to process incoming sounds exceptionally fast
  • Distinguishes between speech and background noise – follow conversations without being distracted
  • The pair of Opns work together to help identify where different sounds are coming from
  • Allows signals from devices such as cell phones, televisions and mp3 players to be streamed into your instruments so that audio is received directly in your ear